Sub Committee

The technical part of the agency is one of the key aspects of the association. The technical committee was established essentially to:
  • Provide scientific and technical advice and information
  • Make necessary recommendations to the training programs.
To this end, it has responsibility to oversee the training programs in order to maintain high standards and to ensure strategic priorities. This involves input at a number of stages, from the development of high quality training proposals for funding to consistency in implementation.

In the same vein the technical committee of the agency is also responsible to develop performance indicators and to ensure measurable outputs/outcomes in terms of these indicators.

Project initiation
The technical committee has the responsibility to develop the training proposals that are of strategic importance for the attainment of NNMGA objectives.

To this end below are some of the key aspects that the technical committee takes into consideration:
  • The relevance of work to the overall NNMGA objectives
  • The assessment of the feasibility of the project objectives
  • The clear specifications of the range and types of anticipated outputs
Project management
The technical committee is also responsible in providing necessary guidance to the trainings particularly for those with a high technical content. Each member is responsible to provide feedback at regular intervals.

Training reporting
The technical committee is responsible in evaluating the conclusion of the training program.

Post training evaluation
NNMGA trainings should always be subject to critical post-training evaluation. The technical committee is given the responsibility to evaluate the post-training evaluation undertaking the criteria that address the problems of practical implementation and lessons learnt and recommendations for future related activity.

Convener Mr. Lambabu Sherpa
Co-convener Mr. Phura Geljen Sherpa
Member Mr. Pasang Ongchu Sherpa
Member Mr. Tendi Sherpa
Member Mr. Nima Tenji Sherpa
Convener Mr. Tshering Pande Bhote
Member Mr. Pasang Tendi Sherpa
Member Mr. Pasang Tendi Sherpa
Member Mr. Mingma Gyalje Sherpa
Member Mr. Furtemba Sherpa
The role of the public relations committee is essentially to inform the public about the NNMGA and promote the Association’s service projects and activities. It has the responsibility to create a positive public image of the association so that the current members are motivated to be active and prospective members are eager to join.

The committee plays a vital role in a following way:
  • Developing committee goals to achieve the association’s public relations goals for the coming year.
  • Promoting NNMGA in the community.
  • Understanding the components of public relations that will help promote
  • NNMGA to the community.
  • Knowing association’s key messages and be able to use them when speaking in public.

Convener Mr. Pemba Gyalje Sherpa
Member Mr. Tshiring Jangbu Sherpa
Member Mr. Ang Gyaljen Sherpa
The role of the general training committee is essentially to conduct the basic and general mountaineering training in coordination with Technical Committee. It has the responsibility to explore, design and maintain general training which helps the association to aggregate the participants in Aspirant Guide Course.

Convener Mr. Tul Singh Gurung
Member Mr. Dawa Phinjo Lama Bhote
Member Mr. Pasang Kaji Sherpa
Late Iman Gurung Welfare Fund

It is well known facts that mountaineering profession is always combined with extremely tough, risky profession among the professions exists. On one side each year mountaineers have to deal with different accidents in the mountains with the other side, they have to deal with various natural disaster like global warming, which lead them to lose their life or they have to live with the severe injuries. To make the mountaineering profession a safe and ethical we established this association and now we are the member country's representative of Nepal to International Federation of Mountain Guide Association (IFMGA). Initially, the concept of welfare fund is formed to support economically, socially, mentally to those members of our association who face the disasters in the mountains. We sense that the welfare fund will support financially to those members and their dependants instantly and secondly, we could find other resources to fulfill their financial problem to the optimum level with the help of our peoples, nations and international individuals, agencies, association, etc. That is why the concept of welfare fund is raised and we would like to request all of our members to support us to support you.

Name of the welfare fund
The name of welfare fund will be "Late Iman Gurung Welfare Fund" as to honor the uppermost contribution of our founder president Late Iman Gurung.

Objectives of the welfare fund
  1. To instantly start the effective search and rescue operation at the utmost level of those our members who will face the any disasters, accident in the mountains.
  2. To provide necessitate amount of money to start medical remedy ASAP of the victims.
  3. In case of demise of the victim the welfare fund will provide financial support for the dependants of the deceased.
  4. To provide the best possible educational scholarship to the children of the affected member.
  5. To provide cash loan to the members who requires.
  6. In case of necessity, welfare fund will provide financial support to the employees of the association and their dependants.
  7. To provide financial support to the members in case of his/her bankrupt status.
Fundraising sources for Welfare Fund.
  1. Lump sum amount of Nrs. 5,00,000.00 will transfer from the main account of the association to the welfare fund.
  2. 10% of the profit margin of each training conducted by NNMGA goes to Welfare fund.
  3. We could collect financial contributions from our peoples who love us from nations and internationally. We could promote the welfare fund from our website globally and again, our member's individual mutual relationship could help us to collect the fund from anywhere who has an interest in us.
  4. Other sources, e.g. our member's, well wishers who ever would like to support the welfare fund can deposit their sum on that fund directly
Operating system of Welfare Fund:
Central Executive board of NNMGA will form an operating committee to operate the welfare fund. The operating committee will be an autonomous body which will operate instantly after the incidents happens and in other case operating committee will prepare the report and suggest the amount of money to be provided to the respetive members or staffs from the welfare fund and NNMGA Central Executive Board will approve it.

Bank Account Transaction procedure of the welfare fund:
NNMGA will open a bank account in a reputated bank with the account name "NNMGA—Iman Gurung Welfare Fund". The Bank account will be operated by the compulsory signature of Treasurer and optional signature of President or General Secretary of NNMGA.
President Mr. Sunar Bahadur Gurung
Co-ordinator Mr. Pemba Gyalje Sherpa
Member Mr. Pasang Sherpa
Member Mr. Phurba Namgyal Sherpa
Member Mr. Tenzeeng Sherpa
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